Our Product

Although, we are a home decor shop, our candles are the root of our brand, They are the foundation of our business and what Allenwood was developed around.
Our Artisans have been creating candles for many years, making our candle collection what it is today. When we set out to create our Brand we knew that we wanted to source a Wax that we truly thought had the best performance. Among a long check list of qualities our candles had to be non-toxic, clean burning, long lasting, produce a hot throw that would consume the product
and enhance our fragrance. 
We tested every wax from your top grade Soy, Bees wax to various natural blends including Virgin Coconut Soy. This wax out preformed in every way, Its texture is truly like butter and will melt in your hand, Its burn is exceptional and has superb adhesion to fragrance making for the most luxurious scent throw.
All our candles are fitted with sustainable sourced ingredients including our crackling wooden wicks. Our Wooden wicks are all FSC Certified and handcrafted. They will not only extend the burn life of your candle but will produce an excellent hot throw, making your candle more fragrant. Our fragrance collection is ever growing and changing with new combinations of premium scents unique to our brand.
Allenwood is a brand built for the consumer and we are always open to fragrance blend suggestions from our customers. please feel free to email us anytime with feedback on your purchase, questions or suggestions. 

Thank you for choosing Allenwood to light your home!